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Dear Crypto Community, 

I Landen Snow, CEO and owner of XXXCoin (XCN) am proud to announce the launch of our new token! I have been heavily involved in the crypto market and block chain paradigm since 2009. I spent an immense amount of time trying to figure out the next big coin creation and launch. As time past and I fell into a slump of ideas , nothing really grabbed my attention. One day I was browsing the Internet and started to do some heavy research on Google search and indexing. After some careful study and endless nights of developing, I created XXXCoin (XCN). I found out that 60% of Google searches are for adult related content, a industry known for privacy and anonymity.  I thought to myself could this be it? Well folks I was right! So I bring you a coin that is now merging and collaborating with over 20 Adult Content sites and 8 adult dating platforms. The industry called for the coin and I delivered. Company owners began to reach out , sharing there struggles of payment processing and privacy as well as many cash related issues they deal with on a daily basis. XXXCoin has completely revolutionized this industry and that came straight from there mouths folks! Faster more secure and most of all completely anonymous payments seamlessly handled through our XXXCoin Api checkout platform. So “HODLER” & serious token investors wait no more, XXXcoin is a proof of Burn coin that is ready to niche the market and is growing rapidly as we speak! We revolutionize the way online adult corporations do business. My team and I are welcoming you to Purchase this token and grow with us in this leading industry and together we can make Porn Great again!
-Landen Snow-


CEO, Mr. Ole Persson / Adult Websites Global 

The Adult Industry has a few problems with paying users that we constantly try to attend. First of all anywhere on the internet whether it be shopping or simply using a credit card online involves risk, but even more so in the Adult business which has had many problems harming the serious moguls in the industry. Second, most people like to do it anonymously and not have their bank advisor or spouse knowing they surfing and buying porn or dating online, so it's with great pleasure we now have chosen to implement an e-wallet checkout API for the partnership and use of ERC20 Coin, XXXCoin (XCN) on our sites for the safety and anonymity for our users who no longer have to use their credit card information and no longer need to worry about anybody knowing about it.

We see this as a long awaited option and a way to restore the trust in the industry. As for our own sites we can get more paying user know with this new option since many have been asking and waiting for a solution and those we can finally welcome onboard. The adult business is huge with over 60% of all Google search having to do with Adult, so no other business has so much going for it and therefore it's about time we saw a great payment method like this solely intended for the adult industry.

Safety and privacy makes businesses like ours grow even more and with happy users.

Ole Persson /CEO/ Sharepoint Media Group

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To send, receive & store XXXCOIN (XCN) coins you will need any ERC20-supported wallet.
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* XXXCOIN (XCN) is not a financial security and not a share in the company. XXXCOIN (XCN) is a utility token based on Ethereum blockchain protocol.

** We are not affilated with wallet developers and will not be able to retrieve your funds/access in case of a loss. Please store your private keys securely.